Parent Summits

Tiger Boosters


Team Parent and Volunteers Training Summit

(Sports, robotics, theatre)

Volunteer Training--How to Use Tiger Boosters & Tools

Each night will run from 7 PM to 9 PM; sessions will be recorded.

Contact Wilson Tiger Boosters at for information.

Parent Summit Schedule:

Monday 10/19/20

7:00 PM: What is WTB and Communications

7:30 PM: Managing Team Money (including Deposits & Getting Bills Paid)

Zoom link for Monday 10/19

Tuesday 10/20/20

7:00 PM: Fundraising Best Practices & Using WTB's Tools

8:00 PM: TeamSnap: How to Set Up Your Account & Use TS Tools

Zoom link for Tuesday 10/20

Wednesday 10/21/20

7:00 PM: Getting the Most Out of Your Website

8:00 PM: Like This! Social Media Management for Success

Zoom link for Wednesday 10/21