Community Service

Need Community Service Hours?

If you are a Wilson student who needs additional community service hours, look no further!

The Tiger Boosters Community Service Projects Program was created to support and benefit the Wilson athletics, robotics, and theater community.

Students will gain valuable experience and hands-on knowledge that will have practical benefits to the Boosters and the community we service.

A list of projects appears below with job titles and descriptions. Interested applicants should contact the Tiger Boosters for more information:

The Community Service Project and Hours Form can be downloaded here.

List of Projects

Project/Task Title: Grants Tracking for Youth Sports Grants

Job#: #0001

Description: Research and track grants for all teams and Boosters, create a database in excel or other software.


Project/Task Title: Gear/Merchandise Sales Tracking

Job#: #0002

Description: Track gear sales and merchandise with vendor(s), create reports in excel for Boosters coordinators and volunteers.


Project/Task Title: Grants Research Support

Job#: #0003

Description: Research support for grants on behalf of teams and Boosters. Will require interfacing with coaches and team volunteers and Boosters Grants Chair.


Project/Task Title: Newsletter Template

Job#: #0004

Description: Create template in Constant Contact for weekly newsletters. (This could be combined with Job #0005).


Project/Task Title: Newsletter Writer/Editor

Job#: #0005

Description: Compile weekly newsletter and post on Constant Contact, Beacon, or other media. Collect information from coaches, AD, and other sources. (This could be combined with Job #0004).


Project/Task Title: Boosters Manual

Job#: #0006

Description: Create a manual with documents on policy and procedures using an online platform for storage and updating information. Documents will be provided by the Boosters.


Project/Task Title: Articles for Website

Job#: #0007

Description: Collect and upload related articles on websites (esp. the Beacon) that should be posted on each related sports/team page.


Project/Task Title: Support for Athletic Department

Job#: #0008

Description: Help Athletic Dept with administrative projects. (Projects will need to be reviewed by the Boosters for compliance with DCPS approved guidelines for community service projects.)


Project/Task Title: Restaurant Night Fundraiser Tracker

Job#: #0009

Description: Create a database and track restaurant fundraisers for all teams and programs.


Project/Task Title: Sponsors Database

Job#: #0010

Description: Create a database and track business and local sponsors and other duties as assigned by the Sponsorship Coordinator.


Project/Task Title: Sponsorship Support Coordinator

Job#: #0011

Description: Help with advertising and promoting Boosters to business sponsors. Work with Sponsorship Chair and Boosters members.


Project/Task Title: TeamSnap Support Coordinator

Job#: #0012

Description: Provide online support for the TeamSnap platform. The Boosters has a league subscription for all team sports. Support coaches and volunteers with registration, design, and maintenance of each sports/program.


Project/Task Title: In Game Photographers/Videographers

Job#: #0013

Description: Photograph and film game footage for team games and events.


Project/Task Title: Team Support Liaisons

Job#: #0014

Description: Assist teams on day-to-day practice and game preparations, being a resources to the coaches, and other duties as assigned.


Project/Task Title: Website Content Coordinator

Job#: #0015

Description: Assist with collecting content for the team websites. Communicates with Webmaster for Athletics and Team Webpages.

Updated: 09/01/2021


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