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Winter Season Starts In November. Check Individual Sports Pages For Tryout Dates!


Eligibility requirements are set by DCIAA, the parent management organization for all sports at Wilson and other DCPS schools. They apply to all DCPS student-athletes. This means that even programs that are not funded (partially or none) through DCIAA are required to abide by these standards. You may find this listed, and a link to the DCIAA Student Handbook, here.

  • Complete and submit all clearance & participation forms. All forms need to be completed once per school year. However, the UHC form must be completed within previous calendar year (365 days).
  • IMPORTANT: Before starting the process of submitting the ONLINE Packet below, make sure the UHC is completed and ready to be uploaded. It will be required to complete the online submission process. The same applies to the other PDF forms below.  (Read about the new submission process for SY 2020-21.)
  • After submitting all the required forms, watch for an email sent to your student athlete requiring their electronic signature.
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher in the most recently completed academic term. (Year End GPA can be used for eligibility in a fall sport. Incoming new freshmen are eligible for fall sports.)
  • Age 18 or younger on August 1 of the relevant school year.
  • Been continuously enrolled at the school for at least one calendar year (students are exempt during their first year after middle school). This includes residency verified.
  • Have completed less than 8 semesters in high school.
  • Have accrued no more than 6 unexcused absences in the current academic term.
  • Be present in school on the day of an athletic activity to participate on that day.



Important for SY 2020-21:

Have the UHC (and any other required PDF forms) ready to upload BEFORE starting the online submission process!

PDF Forms:

Online Forms:

Individual Forms:

Safely ignore this section if using the form links above.  Provided for reference.



Does my child need to turn in all forms? 

Yes, all forms are required!

When are the forms due?

Forms are due prior to trying out.

Where should I send the forms?

Forms should be submitted to the coach.

I don’t have a copy of my child’s Universal Medical Form. Can you get it from the nurse?

Please keep a copy of the UHC and send digital copies when registering. You are responsible for collecting all forms and submitting them to Athletics. 

My child plays multiple sports. Do we have to turn this in for each season?

DCIAA teams have the forms upload into the eligibility database. Non-DCIAA teams do not, and coaches may not be aware of student-athlete clearance, so please be patient. When forms are turned in with the roster, the Athletic Director and staff will verify forms are on file. All coaches keep copies of AT-14 during the season.

Who do I talk to if my child is having a problem with other players on the team?

First communicate with the coach. Please copy the athletic staff on any emails so that they can follow up with the coach, student athlete and the family.

Who do I talk to if I am concerned about the coach’s behavior?

Please contact the athletic department and we will have a conversion to determine any next steps that are required.

Why isn’t my child getting more playing time? How do you approach a coach about playing time?

At the high school level, coaches play to win, and this is especially important for the number of players who go on to play in college, especially for recruitment. If your child isn’t playing, it could be due to many factors, including player skill, effort, attendance, attitude, or any number of issues.

Talk to the coach, and see him/her as a teacher. Be polite. Remember, most coaches are very busy and may find it difficult to schedule a meeting mid-season. (Also, most are volunteers or their stipend barely covers gas money.) You may be able to meet with them before or after practice. Have specific questions rather than vague ones, and ask questions that lend themselves to soliciting key information or problem-solving. For example, “What does my son need to do so he sees more game time?” is very different than “Why isn’t my son playing more?” Leave out the other kids.

Note that the coaches are often willing to work with players to improve their game. They may assign skill set development tasks or provide improvement checklists. Approach coaches with a problem-solving attitude will get you farther than if you don’t. 

My student-athlete is academically ineligible due to grades. How do we remedy this and when can s/he start playing again?

The student must earn the minimum of a 2.0 GPA (C average) during the previous advisory in order to play. 

Note that an advisory closes in the middle of each season. In other words, first advisory closes during the fall season, second advisory closes during the winter season, third advisory closes during the spring season.

Grades are checked at the end of each advisory.

If a student-athlete becomes ineligible mid-season because of grades, then s/he is ineligible to play for the rest of the season.

Do I have to pay the team fee and the fee for the Tiger Boosters Coach & Scholarship Fund?

Do I have to pay the team fee and the fee for the Tiger Boosters Coach & Scholarship Fund?
You may want to familiarize yourself with how Wilson funds its teams. There’s a detailed explanation on the page, Funding Our Teams.

As of the 2019-20 school year, teams are not allocated budgets for non-league play. Because nearly all of our teams play non-league games, this means that nearly all of our teams need to raise money to play for officials, buses, equipment, uniforms, etc. The team fee helps cover this cost (in addition to fundraising).

Most of our coaches are not paid through DCIAA, and those that are covered are paid significantly below market rate. Any fees collected for the Tiger Boosters Coach & Scholarship Fund are used to compensate coaches, however minimally, and to provide scholarships for student-athletes in need to help pay their contributions to team dues.

I can’t afford to pay the team fee or the fee for the Tiger Boosters Coach & Scholarship Fund. Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

Tiger Boosters offers payment plans and partial and full scholarships as needed.

Who Do I ask about...

Fundraising idea for team Parent/Team boosters, head coach
Fundraising idea for Tiger Boosters Any member of WTB Board, VP Fundraising
Game schedule Check Website or TeamSnap, then head coach, then AD
Injuries Head coach, Trainer and AD (contact all of them)
Medical forms Jamila Watson (Trainer), Mitch Gore (AD)
Payment request for team (reimbursement or to pay a bill) See Team Management page
Practice Schedule TeamSnap, then head coach, then AD
Team balance in WTB accounts Team ledgers are sent every Saturday to team/program email address; Treasurers
Team dues Parent/Team boosters, head coach
Travel logistics Head coach or designated manager (for distance), AD or AAD (for local)
Uniforms Head coach or designated manager
Volunteering for my team Head coach, parent managers
Volunteering for Tiger Boosters Presidents
Why my kid isn’t playing See FAQs above


Contact Patrice Arrington in the College and Career Center for more information and key resources. Stop by the College and Career Center, or email her at

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